Hurricane / Flooding Recovery Resources



Update 10/31/11

The deadline to register with FEMA has been extended until Wednesday November 30th.

Update 9/27/11

Message From FEMA:

Survivors who suffered damages from Hurricane Irene may be eligible for federal disaster assistance as a result of the presidential disaster declaration made August 31, 2011. Registering with FEMA is required for federal aid, even if the person has registered with another disaster relief organization such as the American Red Cross, local officials or churches. Registrants with FEMA must use the name that appears on their Social Security card. Applicants need to provide:

  • Social Security number
  • Address of the damaged home or apartment
  • Description of the damage
  • Information about insurance coverage
  • A current contact telephone number
  • An address where you can get mail
Bank account and routing numbers if they want direct deposit of any financial assistance.
Assistance for eligible survivors is available in the form of grants for temporary housing, basic home repairs, other serious disaster-related needs and low interest disaster loans. Renters, homeowners and business owners may apply for help through the Federal Emergency Management Agency. You can register for federal assistance by calling 1-800-621-FEMA (3362) or by visiting <> .  You can also visit <>  from your mobile device for information.  

Additional Information:
Disaster Assistance: <>
Disaster Unemployment Assistance Information:
Small Business Administration
Additional Assistance:
Rebuilding Resources:
What to do After a Flood:
     Fixing Flood Damage:

·        Federal Disaster Assistance Includes Right of Appeal

·        Receipts May be the Answer to Reimbursement

·        Don’t Wait File Your Flood Insurance

·        Submit your SBA Disaster Loan

Update 9/14/11

Hurricane Irene Public Assistance Website - The New Jersey Office of Emergency Management


Update 9/7/11

On Wednesday, August 31, President Obama declared a state of emergency for New Jersey, freeing up federal funds and resources to assist New Jersey in dealing with Hurricane Irene and the recovery efforts. Bergen, Passaic, Warren and Sussex Counties have all been named official disaster areas and are eligible for both individual and public assistance.  This means aid is now available for individuals, small businesses, localities and non-profits.

If you would like to apply for this assistance, please read the information below about the qualifications and apply directly to FEMA using the phone numbers or websites provided. Please pass this information along to anyone who might need it.

FEMA Disaster Assistance

Update 9/2/11

·        The Borough Construction Office will be open Saturday and Monday to assist residents that suffered flooding from Hurricane Irene.  You can call the office at 201-447-1644.  Please see the document “Construction Office – Hurricane Irene” for details on the hours and other important information on restoring electrical service and making repairs.

·        In response to general health concerns in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene, the State Department of Health and Senior Services opened a toll-free Public Health Call Center to provide callers with information about prevention and treatment of mold, disposal of spoiled food due to power outages and water concerns. To reach health experts in the Public Health Information Call Center, the toll free number is: 1-866-234-0964. The call center will be open from 8 am to 8 pm Monday through Friday and during the weekend and Labor Day Monday from 10 am to 5 pm.  For additional health information.  Additional information can be found in the document “Hurricane Irene – Public Health Information”.

·        Flood cleanup help for homes and small businesses is available through the NJ 211 call center.  See the attached flyer for details.

·        As posted previously, if you are in need of donations or financial assistance to clean up and recover from the flood you can go to <>  or call 201-228-0130.   The Red Cross also provides emergency assistance to people affected by disaster, such as shelter, food and water, health and mental health services.  The can be reached at <> .     


·         Additional garbage trucks will be in Oakland on Saturday to remove garbage and debris caused by the Hurricane, with a focus on removing all debris in flood affected areas by the end of the day.

Update for 9/1/11:
FEMA HELP NOW AVAILABLE - The President has designated Bergen county as a federal disaster area in response to Hurricane Irene.  Effected residents and property owners can register for FEMA Disaster Assistance Programs by calling 1-800-621-3362 or on line at

You can also visit FEMA on line at:

Update for 8/31/11:
            If you need assistance or want to offer assistance to those in need please go to  or call 201-228-0130.
            The state also offers assistance with Social Services at
            For help dealing with the emotional impacts of this disaster you can call the NJ Mental Health Care’s Disaster Helpline:  (877) 294-HELP.  We are also arranging for assistance from West Bergen Mental Healthcare.  Additional information will be posted shortly.
            If you are experiencing a public health nuisance or see a problem with a septic system, please contact the Health Department at 201- 337-8111 ext. 218.
            DPW distributed lime to flood areas on 8/31/11.  Additional lime will be made available on Thursday and Friday.

As of 8/30/11:

Hurricane Irene affected large portions of our community with loss of electric power, downed trees and flooding in areas along the Ramapo River.  The following provides information that you should be aware of concerning the Borough’s recovery efforts as of Tuesday, August 30, 2011. 
Power Outages
Orange and Rockland Electric reports that some 30,000 customers are still without power in their entire service area.  Electricity has been restored to several areas in Oakland but some residents may still be without power.  For information on when your power will be restored call Orange and Rockland at 1-877-434-4100 or go to
Homeowner Electric Service:
If your electric panel was either underwater during the storm or was shut off by the Fire Department during the storm, you should have it checked by a licensed electrical contractor or utility company before service is turned back on.
If Borough Code Enforcement personnel left a red placard on your house, your service must be checked by a licensed electrical contractor and inspected by the Borough’s electrical inspector before service can be restored.  Please call the Code Enforcement Office at 201-337- 8111 ext. 221
DPW Personnel have worked with the utility company to remove downed trees.  If you see a Borough tree that fell and has not been removed yet, please call the DPW at 201-337-8104.  Trees on private property, including those deposited by floodwaters, are the homeowner’s responsibility to remove.
Fuel Spill and Water Supply
Fuel Oil from a company in New York State did spill into the Ramapo.  The odor should dissipate within the next two days and this oil DID NOT contaminate our drinking water supply.  As a precaution, our wells are being tested this week and next but the Borough’s water supply is safe to drink.  If you have a private well, there are steps you can take to have it tested and disinfected if necessary.  Please refer to additional information from the Borough Health Department.
As a precaution, the Police Department will have an increased patrol presence in neighborhoods that were flooded by the Ramapo River until the cleanup process is complete.
Garbage and Debris Removal
To accommodate homes flooded by either the river or by groundwater, there will be at least two extra garbage pickup days to help remove debris.  In addition to your normal pickups, the Borough’s contractor will be collecting garbage on Saturday 9/3/11 and Saturday 9/10/11.  
Hazardous waste, such as paint cans CANNOT be disposed of with the rest of your debris.  Also, any white goods (refrigerators, air conditioners, washers, dryers, etc…) destroyed by flooding may be placed at the curb but should be segregated from the rest of the debris.  There will be a separate white goods pickup within the next two weeks.  Further information on the date of this pickup will be forthcoming.
Lastly, we recommend that you contact your insurance company before disposing of any materials.
Cleanup in Flooded Areas
Borough personnel will be conducting the following activities this week:
Lime Distribution
Lime for odor control will be made available to residents that suffered flood damage from the Ramapo River.  Lime will be distributed on Wednesday 8/31/11 beginning at noon at the following locations: 

      • Roosevelt Ave.:            by 1st Ave.
      • Lakeshore and Lenape:            at the intersection of these roads
      • Glen Gray Road:  near the end of the street
      • Saratoga:            at the cul-des-sac
      • Pleasureland neighborhood:            at the intersection of Jerome and Grandview
      • Colony neighborhood:            at the field
      • River Road:            in the parking lot by the Railroad trestle.

Street Cleaning
Streets in affected areas will be swept this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday as conditions permit. 
Home Damage Assessments:
If any homeowners are concerned about the integrity of their homes due to floodwaters, please contact the Code Enforcement Department at 201-337- 8111 ext. 221 and they will perform an inspection.  If your home is found to have major structural damage, lacks a potable water supply or the electric service has been disabled, it may be condemned.  This means you will not be able to reside in the structure until the deficiencies are fixed.
The Borough has already received numerous inquiries regarding the FEMA funding and assistance process.  At this point we have received no information as to when FEMA will be in the community.  The Borough has completed its Preliminary Damage Assessment and forwarded that information to the County Office of Emergency Management as the first step in the assistance process.  It may be some time before all communities are able to complete their assessments due to ongoing flooding.  We will keep you apprised of any information we receive regarding a timeframe for meetings and inspections.
The Borough is working with a group of concerned citizens to connect people and resources.  If you need assistance or want to help those in need, you can go to the website or call 201 228-0130.
The Oakland Library is offering the following services:

      • PCs in the adult room and children's room
      • Wi-Fi access.  Note:  Wi-Fi is accessible from the parking lot in case people want to use a lap top after hours.
      • People can charge cell phones or other small electronics
      • Daily newspapers & current magazines
      • Seating for reading
      • Drop in crafts - parents or grandparents can drop in an do a craft which is ready in the Craft Room
      • Movies - kids can watch a G or PG movie on the TV in the story room.
      • We have hundreds of movies to choose from.

Additional resources can be found in the documents posted on the hurricane / flood page of the Borough website (
            If you have an issue that has not been addressed in this notice, please contact the Borough at 201-337-8111 ext. 201.  Please check our website daily for updates.